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Art Menu


Acrylic Painting pARTy

Your party guest will be guided by one of our talented instructors through the painting of your choice.  Explore color theory and brush techniques as you create your very own masterpiece.  Choose your own colors, add personal details to make your own unique canvas! Great party for Kids, Adult BYOB, Corporate, Fundraisers and more!


Scrapbooking Frame pARTy

This exciting pARTy is perfect for paper crafters!  Choose from our extensive collection of scrapbook papers, embellishments and supplies to create your personal display of your favorite memories!  Each guest creates their own scrapbook page that they can fill with their favorite pictures, or pictures from your pARTy to commemorate your special day!  Each guest receives a frame for their scrapbook page as the perfect pARTy favor!


Hollywood Special FX pARTy

This pARTy is not for the faint of heart…learn to create bruises, lacerations and even make your own fake blood!  Guests will be able to engage in their own battle of Skin Wars!  Use our photo booth props to enhance your disguise to create amazing photos!  An instructor will lead your guests through the techniques and tricks of the pros using Special FX make up kits and face paints.


Textile Fashion pARTy

Choose from several of our textile projects including, Canvas Backbacks, Artist’s Aprons, T-Shirts to create your very own customized accessory!  Or, choose a yarn party, and build your own loom for weaving, learn weaving techniques and more!  Great for the DIY lovers!  Each guest will take home their own functional art piece as well as skills for future projects!


Pre-Schooler pARTy

Drawing based Party – Studio Art class in our studio or brought to you! Birthday Boy/Girl chooses the party curriculum from our portfolio! East guest will complete their own masterpiece!

Science Menu


Yes, it IS Rocket Science

Launch your party into the stratosphere. Play around with Newton’s Laws of Motion by racing balloon-powered vehicles. Then, streamline your very own rocket for maximum altitude, and test your design! Each child receives a rocket balloon and their own decorated rocket as party favors.


Energy in Transformation

Celebrate with power! Produce different colors of light from chemical reactions. Explore how heat can be used to move and levitate objects. Use energy to make homemade Ice Cream. Demonstrate how invisible sunblock prevents UV rays from penetrating anything! Finish your celebration with a little game of Dry Ice Hockey!


Chemical Chameleons and Criminal Curiosities

We will use non-toxic household chemicals to explore interesting chemical changes and why they happen. Acids , bases, and salts are used to solve some key problems. Then, your guests will use a series of “tests” to identify a mystery suspect in a “who-done-it?” style, criminal caper. The game is afoot, Sherlock! Often, this party game is a favorite that can be repeated several times—each time with a different set of clues, criminals, and crimes!


Generating Light and Moving Heat

First, your guests will use chemical energy to produce light! Then they will be given materials to design and build a solar-powered “cooker” to make a special Birthday Treat! See how vacuum pressure can boil liquids at room temperature. Finally, study exothermic reactions created with chemical combinations!

Choose a tab for more information:

The party cost $325 for up to 10 participants.  Additional participants are $20 each.  Mobile parties available at an additional fee.  See the mobile party tab.

We require a 50% deposit.  Deposits can be transferred or refunded.  There is a $50 cancellation fee if cancelled prior to one week of the scheduled date.  No refunds given within a week of the party.

All supplies included. The acrylic painting can take up to 2 hours to complete.  All other parties are targeted for 1 to 1.5 hrs.  An additional hour allotted in our studio for you to bring refreshments such as cake, snacks, and beverages.  We provide tables for you to set up your refreshment and gift area.  The studio will open 1/2 hour before your party to allow time for you to set up or decorate for the occasion.  Bring your Ipod or favorite cd’s and play your own music on our surround sound system.  The studio has a high definition flat screen TV and Blue-Ray player for your use.

We can bring the party to your location. There is a $75 set up fee.  We bring all supplies.  Most party selections qualify for a mobile party, but a few are studio parties only.  Call the office for details.  Tables and stools are available for rental.  (Table and stool rental is $35 for up to four tables and 15 stools.)